Saturday, September 7, 2013

2 days

And 5 hours, I will be in the air. Have I mentioned I am not fond of flying? LOL
Actually as a young girl I wanted to be a Stewardess (along with  every other girl in my class). WE had Career day and that class was most popular. It seemed so glamorous. WE know now that is far from the truth. I decided that being a Doctor would be easier LOL But I did enjoy the idea of flying. All you had to do was mention a trip and I was on a plane waiting.
Then one morning I watched a plane crash into the side of the Twin Towers and my heart broke for the souls aboard. That was a trauma in my life I will not soon forget.Not just for friends lost, which was tragic. I was trapped on an Island with no escape, watching fighter planes in the sky that once held commercial  aircraft.
It took me a very long time to overcome that image. I have my friend Stef to thank for that. She is the one who convinced me that instead of taking 2 days to get to Paducah by car, I could be in Tenn. in 2 hours.
Taking a prop plane from here to PA  ( I didn't even think they ran those things commercially any more) sort of smacked me up side my head , "If you can fly in this thing, you can fly in anything". The cramped little jet to Tenn wasn't much better. So I guess it's true what they say,"  fall off the horse, get right back on"...Never let it be said I got back on a pony. This is perhaps the longest flight I will ever take, so anything from here on in is a piece of cake...Oh wait...maybe I should say that AFTER I'm back in the USA.
Mean while add this little post script to the adventure. The date I land in NZ 9-11...what the HELL was I thinking?
So back to packing I go. I should really take a picture. I think my packing would make you giggle...not so much how I pack, but what I pack. Lets just say I'm going to give that TSA guy in ex ray a run for his money. Bet he has never seen half this stuff in a suitcase LOL Maybe I will post a picture.
Wait until you see whats waiting in NZ. I told my friend I had to work on a Shrine while I was there.Wait until you see the size of this shrine...but I always do things in a BIG way...stay tuned.


  1. Can't wait for more posts when you get to New Zealand. I've never been and that is one of the places I do want to visit. Have a great time.