Thursday, September 12, 2013

Rain Rain go away

Yup it's another gray day. It has been difficult to stay connected to the Internet.The rain perhaps or the road work. The morning was lazy, we planned some trips and menu's then went shopping. There were some things I can't seem to find here, so this is where we headed first.
LOL The American store. Where everything from America is 3 X the price. I bought a box of Bisquick for $17. Can you really  live without Bisquick? Can't find coffee creamer anywhere, but I was able to find those little cups that you get in coffee shops.12 for $2.50. Shampoo $10 (I passed on that), a tube of ice tea mix was $7.50. This is a very expensive country to live in that's for sure.
Whats wrong with this picture?
If you said we were on the wrong side of the road, you'd be right LOL Everyone drives on the wrong side of the road here. The tell me it is Right for them but let me tell you, it totally confuses me. I keep going to the passengers side of the car, but there is a steering wheel in the way. It's crazy I tell you.
Whats even worse is this:
If you can't see the MPH, it's on the 100 mark and the speedometer goes up to 240. What the heck is a Kilometer anyway. They tell me as long as I don't go over the 100 mark I'm okay.
So let me get this straight. I can drive on the wrongs side of the road and do 100 MPH and not get a ticket?
My kind of country :-) Needless to say it will be a while before I take the car, Not only do I have a tendency to look the wrong way, They have a lot of "turn abouts" here. Now traffic circles are hard enough to deal with in my country, here they are are worse. You are going in the opposite direction you should be and exiting, which to me, always seems in the wrong direction.
They sell food by the gram. so me ordering lunch meat was a riot. I f I had not been corrected, the meat I ordered would have cost about $200 LOL stick with 100 grams and your safe.
So all in all it was an interesting day. It was a day of learning and visiting some very interesting stores.
Oh and would you believe they never heard of cranberries in a can? I caught myself from saying don't you have turkey on Thanks Giving ...of course they don't. They also don't have Catalina dressing, so there goes one special dinner I was going to cook . But they do have Pumpkin so Pumpkin soup is still on the menu, as is Jambalaya .
We are hoping for some sun, although we won't be "sight seeing " until after this week-end. They want me to take some time to relax . I intend to do just that. Ilka and I have a shopping trip planned for Saturday. She is taking me to see the Craft Store here WooHooo.
A wee bit of home sickness sets in now and again...How far is 10,547 kilometers anyway? That's how far away I am from the shores of the USA <sigh>
All is well at home (I checked) So all is right with the world) It's 10 min. after 4 in the morning and I was finally able to BLOG. Can you tell I'm still on USA time?
See you tomorrow, same place.


  1. I have friends in Australia that ask me to buy stuff and ship it to them and it is still cheaper than buying it in their stores! LOL
    I don't think I would be able to drive at all! Good luck with that!
    Have a great time!
    hugs Karen

  2. I'm crying from enjoying your blog,looking forward to reading about the rest of your trip. Have fun. XOXO Ceil

  3. I'm so happy I can keep you laughing. It certainly is different here. Hugs,Kathie