Sunday, September 22, 2013

What Day is it anyway?

Keeping in touch with family back home gets me a bit confused. I tell them it's Monday Morning and they say No that's tomorrow, it's Sunday evening. "No" I say, "That was yesterday" LOL
Before I forget, My DGD made bracelets for my friends here. They found them quite intriguing (made on the Rainbow Loom with rubber bands) They wanted me to be sure and Thank her for the delightful "gift" so here ya go Krista:

As you can see by the smiles, they love them and as you see by the background, they wear them EVERYWHERE!
This is the place we stayed when we went to Rainbow Springs. Talk about lucking out. The place just had a small sign in house on the main drag, cute, white, clean but not much of a draw. The places in Rotorura (tourist town) are very expensive, this advertised $70 a night. We were so happy we stopped because down a hill, in the back, off the road, this is what we found.
The place was immaculate and compared to the MOTEL look of all the other more expensive places, this was just a private little piece of heaven. The Asian owner was so proud, he just glowed when he told him how happy we were that we took a look. Of course Patricia and Norma shared the experience.

That would be them hanging out in the tree and waving from the Gazebo. But then the BIG bug got them...

Sorry girls but we just couldn't pass that one up.Okay, back to the trip. I just have to share this country with you. Everywhere you look is a picture waiting to happen.
Looks like a post card doesn't?
That green that looks like moss climbing
up a rock are actually very BIG pine trees.What looks like lint on a green blanket are actually sheep, hundreds of sheep...
How do you  like the size of THOSE round bales?
How beautiful are these cherry blossoms . It's Spring here.
A bit off the right hand side of the picture, on the horizon you see a white object. That is a snow covered volcano. Perhaps I will get a closer picture of that some time in the future. I found it unusual to see all that green and yet so much snow.
So I will leave you with these bits and pieces of my days here in NZ. Hope to visit the Zoo today or perhaps the beach. Undecided, but what ever we do it will be fun....See you later!

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