Saturday, September 14, 2013

Another Wet One

Sheesh this reminds me of a trip I took to California one year. You know that place "It never rains in Southern California". So much for believing in song writers. I was there 14 days and it rained for 13 of them. My vacation and the rain exceeded their annual rain fall in 13 days.
Although NZ doesn't claim "NO RAIN" I expected to see the sun more then once a week.
Rainer and I went to a Car Boot sale. It is sort of like a Flea Market. Since we are both into mixed media those places are tons of fun. You have to be there at 6 am to get "the good stuff" LOL The morning didn't look promising and of course as we exited the car it poured..which of course brought down the prices. You didn't really think we'd leave did you?
Came home had breakfast, whipped up a big pot of Pumpkin soup for dinner and Ilka and I were out the door. We had planned to take Poppy to the beach where I had planned to gather black sand and interesting shells and stuff. The beach isn't much fun in the rain, so Poppy stayed home and she and I went shopping LOL
Today's lesson: WE do not say New Zealand, we say En Zed (NZ), N Z has the largest Polynesian population in the world. The country itself was formed by volcano's, thus the black sand beaches.
So the first stop of the day was an Asian Market.
WE found stuff we never knew existed. Spent hours in there (the place was huge) reading labels and laughing a lot. Sure I bought stuff. You had to ask?
We stopped at Spot light be I was so in awe of their fabric I forgot to take pictures. WE will go back :-)
Then we stopped at a book sale. Like I need more books. I was basically interested in cook books , NZ cook books. Found a beauty that not only has recipes but pictures and stories of NZ as well. A bargain at a dollar.
Found some great places for souvenirs, but it's too early for that. Just checking it all out.
Didn't make it to the beach but got a long shot out the window .
That's it,that blue line just above the tree's. I told you it was a long shot, but it is as close to the beach as we got today.
As we talked, Poppy entertained us with her tricks. If you make your fingers like a gun and say "bang" this is her reaction-
and she stays like that until you tell her"up". We get along very well as you can see
It's always nice to get news from home. I was delighted to find this picture in my e-mail
It's my beautiful Granddaughter Krista and her million dollar smile. No, I'm serious, have you seen the cost of braces these days? Congrats on getting them off honey!!! It's smiles like that in person I miss the most.
Not sure whats planned for today, which is actually your tomorrow. Air NZ promised me they'd give me the day back on my way home...Oh speaking of Air NZ, did I mention that I brought two of the girls with me?
Norma and Patricia  flew here with me and actually had the seat next to me :-)
Nope , the fun never stops..but Norma is ticked...No tennis courts.
Have fun everyone! Hope you are enjoying my adventure..well so far it's been mostly shopping but that will change if it ever stops raining. So keep the faith, you will see more of NZ.

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