Monday, September 30, 2013

Sept 30-A Day at the beach

Even though the weather is once again gray and nasty. Ilka and I decided to take a trip to the beach (west coast, black sand) It was super windy, but we managed to enjoy the fresh air and watching Poppy run around like a crazy dog. We even found some pretty shells (do I hear my family moaning)

You might say it was low tide. But the ducks didn't seem to mind at all.

Ilka trying to decide if the shell is worthy of our collection and Poppy investigating this beached object.

No picture can truly show the beauty of this land. However please note the Yield sign in the picture "Give Way" and that blue arrow can be seen at every intersection. It is to remind people like me, which side of the road you SHOULD be on. Also, something to think about. Here in NZ the sunny side of the mountain is the North side, not the one facing South. Trust me, it is an adjustment process for sure.
But we're still smiling...I also tasted my first Samosa today..yummy. Sort of a take away pie with an Indian touch. Oh Take Away is our Take Out. Yup, it's an adjustment alright LOL

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