Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Another Day at the Beach

Every day can't be tourist day. Sometimes we just need some down time to do regular stuff..like laundry and Post Office stops. Once we did errands we headed for a new beach on the West Coast (black sand)
It seems I can never stop taking pictures of this place.
How's that for a long, straight road? Look how clear and clean everything looks.
Into the primeval forest with Poppy we wander...
I expected to see a dinosaur
any minute. But about a mile later, this is what we saw.
It was low tide. Those are waves crashing to shore in the background. We sat and ate our meat pies (my new favorite food) drank our juice and collected shells for hours..Purple shells! Woohoo!!

Poppy made a new friend, and then it was back on the way to the car we wandered.
Yes even on the beach, you are expected to pick up and deposit doggie pooh.

It is difficult not to want to share all the beauty that is NZ. I hope you enjoy it.
We had Malaysian food for dinner. It was a wonderful day!!

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