Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Oct 23- Cabbage Rolls

LOL How do you like that Title...Rainer asked me if I knew how to make  Kohlrouladen after I told him my Nana (moms , mom) owned a German restaurant and bar. I don't remember a lot of the recipes I saw her make as a kid, but I do remember that Kohl is cabbage in German and rouladen is Surprise, surprise I DO know how to make them LOL That was the dinner request. I always made  the ones with red sauce and rice for my family because that's what they seemed to like. I must say, I totally enjoyed these.

Here they are before and after browning and before brown gravy was poured over them.I served them with herb mash potato's. I'm told I will be terribly missed when I'm gone LOL
I want so badly to post the the "Memory" jewelry Rainer is making for members of my family, but I'm not allowed. I'm watching these creations develop before my eyes and I am so impressed by his talent.
Ilka doesn't care if I take pictures of her "projects" LOL because they are all centered around her Uni (that's what they call college )She has two essays to ready by Saturday (yes they have Uni on Sat. and Sun. at times) She also needed a display of her support system. Don't ask. It's for her Psych course. She will end up needing one when this semester is over. LOL

At 10 pm it was discovered that the front door lock finally broke. So the mission for Oct 24 will be waiting for the locksmith. Good in a way because I'll be making eggplant parm and that takes some preparation... Hey I have to earn my keep..there is a very special trip coming up and I won't be cooking at all :-) mean while I also have some projects to work on, so even when I am not off on some adventure, I am busy having fun.
I hope you are enjoying my travels. I get a lot of very positive e-mail. Not everyone seems to be able to post a comment here. Sorry about that. Not sure why that is, but I do appreciate those that do and those who let me know people are actually following me around NZ. See you tomorrow.


  1. Yummy....luv stuffed cabbage. Rainy days are great for experimenting in the kitchen.

  2. You should know LOL Crazy cooking lady!! They turned out wonderful...Not sure Oleg would like but your invited when I make them. miss you

  3. Looks like Ilka is getting ready to play the NZ version of Twister. :)