Sunday, October 6, 2013

This driving is just WRONG!! (Oct 5)

I have no idea how many of you have ever driven in a country that has left hand driving, but even the signals inside the car are on the wrong side. If you are left handed you'd just love the fact that the shift is also to your left, I am use to shifting right handed but this is one time I am very grateful to be ambidextrous .

WE went to the car boot sale early this morning. If you don't get there early all the "good stuff is gone" LOL The "Boot" is the trunk of the car. I was able to snag a gem pan. Don't ask. It is sort of like a NZ cup cake, but since they make those also..hmm..Maybe I will take a picture along the way. Just something I'd like to make for my family to introduce them to NZ sweets. The best part about the car boot sale is the  farm fresh veggies. Much cheaper then the super market and much fresher.I did look for some useful beads, no dice so we stopped at Spot Light (the one and only craft store). Then I went over to the art gallery to practice driving...YIKES!! Tomorrow I do a solo.

Poppy is still squeaking when you pick her up but nothing is broken. me thinks she stretched a bit too far trying to get  Lily (the rabbit <doe>)
That would be Lily (the chocolate bunny) and Alfie (the lope eared) in there outdoor pen.
We also took time out for Kiki's bath. She had fun in the wash tub.

All eyes are on the rabbits. Can you tell Ilka just LOVES them LOL

Kiki helps sort beads as I've shown you. But Poppy likes to keep me company while I play. her bed is under my work desk and thats where you'll find her while I'm busy. Not much different then home huh? Only Punkin is a wee bit bigger.
 It was a nice relaxing day.
It gave me the opportunity for you to meet the furbabies here in NZ.
I'm also working on some projects which I will take pictures of as I finish them, or start them , what ever be the case LOL

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