Thursday, October 24, 2013

Oct25- Color me spoiled rotten

Ever since Ilka made Ginger Gems I have been looking for a Gem Iron..Oh don't be so lazy, you know you don't know what it is. Google it!
Anyway, I loved the look and taste of these little dandy's, thought it might be something I could make for a change. I'm not much of a dessert maker. Pie's are my thing. A coffee cake now and then, but I've never been a cake maker. These little cuties, I have been told, are real easy. Famous last words...but where does one find a Gem Iron? I have never seen them in the USA, never even heard of them.
One day at the car boot sale I picked up an odd looking antique and the lady said "That's a Gem pan" didn't look like Ilka's, these were round, hers were oblong. For 2 bucks I bought it (probably could sell it for $30. They are hard to come by) I found out what I have is a  scone iron but can be used to make gems. So the search was still on.
Today I was busy with a project and I heard a knock at the door. Special courier with a package addressed for Rainer. I know they always worry about packages here because they are often left where people will take them so I e-mailed Rainer to let him know his package was safe in the house. He wrote back "Open it and tell me what you think"..(I figured it was a clock or some Lego thing).so I did and look what was in the box.
That would be the Gem Iron on the bottom. The top two looked like lady fingers...not sure , will have to look it up. Rainer said eclairs...Any guesses out there? Needless to say I'm feeling pretty special right now...but I really have to watch myself. It seems if I say I like or want something, it suddenly appears. When I wrote back and told him I thought they were great  and now I expected HIM to make gems..My next e-mail read..Enjoy them, they are yours.
The other day I wanted fabric for a small project and Poof, there was Ilka with a hand full of fabric she thought I might use. 
So I spent my free time playing with my embroidery project and looking up Gem recipes.LOL
Well you may not be excited about my quiet day, but I'm over the moon. Now I can make Gems AND scones woo hoo!!!

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