Thursday, October 17, 2013

Oct 16- The sun smiled for a minute

I had a few things to do today and I was sure Ilka would be totally beat from her test day. I made some Strogenoff in the slow cooker and spoke to Rich on the phone. In flies this crazy woman, totally wire and raring to explore.
We ended up at another beach. One she had never been to. You need to understand folks , there are thousands of miles of beach. After only 30 years, you can't hit them all LOL
This one is well hidden and not very popular. Not sure why because the shell picking was wonderful (Rainer is going to kill me) and we found a hidden , tiny water fall that in high tide runs into the sea, but low tide it provides a little pond for the ducks to swim. One little fellow followed us on our walk and one little Raven (NZ version) seemed to fall in love with me.
 Little ducky friend and his mate followed us on our walk

 our little waterfall and little Miss Smiley face , so happy that test is over.

My little friend saying good-bye, he followed me everywhere.
What a nice relaxing time. We got home late (real happy that slow cooker meal was waiting) Rainer thought I ran away from home LOL What? and miss all this is he crazy?

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