Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Oct 8 Bottles are done

Oh you didn't really think I'd go on vacation and not do ANYTHING creative did you? I mean come on!! I am surrounded by creativity.
I belong to a charm group and one of the swaps is to make a charm that looks like an old fashioned perfume bottle that you'd find on a dressing table. Originally I was going to decorate a ready made mini bottle, but then I got into this bead thing and well....This is the result.

Aren't they fun?Each is a little different. I can see a little shadow box...so needless to say I probably won't use them as charms. I'm picturing a shadow box for my guest bathroom.
Also, remember I told you about the pies I fell in love with? I finally took a picture of one.

This one is Curry chicken. NZ fast food at it's best. Oh stop laughing. This one wasn't made in a pie maker. Most are hand crafted. This one comes from Upper Crust (like you can't read that) The deal with them is if you come at the end of the day 5:30 you can get 2 for the price of one. I'd load my freezer with them if I lived here. You have to take whats left but who cares, they are all good. I haven't had their fruit pies yet..Yes they make them too.
So my quite day was fruitful. I also let Kiki and the bunnies out to run around. I think they like me staying here. Lily and Alfie keep me laughing and Kiki is always into something. I forgot she was out and was busy doing stuff. When I remembered her I started calling and no sound..usually she makes a peep. So I'm calling "Kiki come out come out where ever you are"..nothing. I'm talking to Robyn on Face time and she says "Look by the curtain, I see it moving" Sure enough, there is Kiki hiding in her little tent. The little Brat aged me 10 years I couldn't remember if I left any doors open.
So even the quiet days are eventful. <g> For me anyway.

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