Sunday, October 6, 2013

Quiet Day

Everyone is busy so Poppy , the bunnies and Kiki and I are alone. It is a beautiful sunny day, but watch, the minute we have something planned it will rain.
Ilka showed me this piece of embroidery she did when she went to Germany. Each day was captured in a little picture. It was fun as she went through the pictures to see what she did that day so long ago. It was a nice memory piece and something I can do while I'm here. I did the grid last night so now I am set to start. I should have been doing it all along but I do journal, so I should be able to  fill in the squares.
I almost have all my bottles done. It was a charm swap that excited me so Peg let me join since it was so close to the day I will be home. It gave me something to play with during the down times. Granted, there haven't been many LOL I am also making a throw pillow with Poppy on it, there just happened to be a free pattern on Fat Cat (STef if you read this, don't forget the BOM) I have all the fabric, just need a few more "quiet" days.
I think I mentioned that there are a lot of "PIE" shops here. Not the traditional kind. meat pies, egg and ham pies, chicken pies and yes there are ones filled with fruit.
Someone told me about a pie maker and I got so excited. Figured I'd bring it home and surprise Rich with these fun little pies. NZ famous fast food. Rainer pointed out as I walked to the register that our electric is different waaaaa. Low and behold we actually have pie makers in the USA only we make fruit pie's DUH!! Sometimes I amaze myself and how dense I can be. So one will be delivered soon, Rich a box is on it's way..I think from WI. Now you just have to wait for me to come home LOL There is a PIE store on every corner and sometimes two. I wonder how they would sell in the USA.
Did you know NZ is "The Land of the Long White Cloud"? Sure enough thats what kind of clouds they have. Anyone know why?
Just a few more pic's of this breath taking country:

If one of these didn't make you take a deep breath, check yourself for a pulse. More to come....

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