Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Oct 20- fun day at home

 After a very long, wonderful and enjoyable day yesterday it was decided that we would have a nice day at home. Perhaps tinker a  bit with on going projects. There are some things I want to gather up and send home. Some things I want to make. Etc.....
I believe I mentioned that Rainer bought an upright piano that he hopes to turn into a shelving unit for the hallway. The piano was free but shipping was $100.
The day was sunny and cool for a change so we decided it would be a fun day to tackle that.
WOW!! You wouldn't believe what goes into the making of a piano. We took the front of and simply stared in amazement .
Look at the detail on something you really never see. My battery went flat before I could take a pic of the final results, but all the keys are gone now and the only thing remaining is the harp in the back. It is cast metal so the proper tools have to be found in order to remove it in pieces (unfortunately), it's that or remove the sides of the piano which he doesn't want to do.
So while I didn't see much country side today, I did have a rare and unique experience. Oh admit it, did you know what the guts of a piano looked like? Okay so maybe you didn't care LOL but you have to admit it's amazing.
We had leftover corned beef and cabbage dinner. Of all the things I COULDN'T find here, and corned beef can be found everywhere. Go figure. I also have a new favorite dessert, it's called Pavlova, look it up. Sort like a hard angel food cake and they put fresh or canned fruit on top with whipped cream.
Get this, they have canned strawberries, boysenberries and mango. Do we have that in a can? Oh excuse me "tin". I say can and no one knows what the hell I'm talking about. I know we have fruit in a can but they have some pretty exotic  stuff in a "tin".
So the day was not only relaxing, it was educational and fun...See you tomorrow.

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