Saturday, October 12, 2013

Oct 11-Piano Day

LOL I told you everyday is an adventure , even if we go nowhere .
I started to satin stitch the pillow and the sewing machine started acting up. Rainer heard my frustration at trying to fix it. It's a Bernina and when they act up...well lets just say I'm not fond of Bernina and move on.
Suddenly there is a brand new BROTHER sitting on the counter top. What the????? I guess those pillows mean a lot. Sad that a Brother does a better job then a Bernina, but in this case, it's a fact. I meant to take a pic of the new machine  but didn't...Maybe later.
So why didn't we go anywhere? Well first of all it was like a hurricane out there. Lots of bad wind and rain. Second, Rainer decided to make a shelving unit out of an up right piano. He has been looking  for a while and finally found one for FREE. Yup! That's how it works here. The trick is then you have to pay to move the massive thing. It was due to arrive at 2, we were still waiting at 5. That's where the day went. To top it off the two men had no dolly so the piano made it as far as the garage door. I know what you are all thinking...but that's not how they do things here in NZ...everything is "Okay".
The theory is "why get up set over something when the end result will be the same"...Hmmm something to ponder.
I doubt that thing will move before I leave here LOL
Sorry no pictures of adventures, but I did take a few of the massive garden plants. reminds me so much of Florida.

That's all for today folks I'm hoping the stormy weather stops. Most of what we want to do is outside and a distance away.Tomorrow there is the Dwali Festival and the Art Expose, so lets pray for nice weather.

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