Thursday, October 3, 2013

Another Gem

What can I tell you? This is the land of beaches and each one seems to have it's interesting points.
This one has a quiet volcano as a vocal point.
This is Takapuna Beach. A white sand beach on the North Shore of New Zealand.
Here are a group of paddle boarders. We are not sure if you can rent these things but we intend to check it out. It is a small boat shaped like a kayak , but you can't sit in it. Instead it has none slip feet pads on the flat floor and you stand and paddle. They make it look so easy but I imagine balance is a big factor in staying up right. It gives us something to think about and laugh about as well. I keep trying to picture me even stepping into one, much less master it LOL.
A picture of the local boat ramp (minus Ilka's head) reminded me of home. There are very few things in this country that reminds me of the USA. Getting used to the metric system has been the hardest. There are 3.78 liters to a gallon and Petrol (gas) is $2.11 per do the math. Diesel on the other hand is only $1.63 a liter. The average house price seems to be around $300,000. and they are stacked very close, especially here in the city.
As beautiful and peaceful as this beach may seem, it has it's busy side.

Unlike some of the beaches we have been at, we had to share this one. Not just with people either....
A red billed gull- Tarapunga and a black backed gull
called Karoro. Twice the size of Tarapunga even if it doesn't look it in the picture.
NZ has many beaches where dogs are allowed, also many that do not, Thank Goodness. Not that I don't think dogs should have beaches to run on. But this well trained pup is a clear reason I won't swim at doggie beaches.
He's doing exactly what you think he is doing.
Enough said.
Rainer took apart his Lego scorpion and made this cute little robot that talks. The bug looking thing next to it is actually the remote. Each time I see these Lego creations I think of my Grandson this one is for you handsome.

Ilka made a little dinner party last night for me to meet some friends and neighbors. She took pictures we have to up load, but it was so much fun. Carol is a riot. A real Kiwi to a point that she spells the way she talked. She had to call her daughter (a teacher) to find out why her dictionary did not have TUNE.
When the daughter said to check out the "T" section, it all became clear that one does NOT chune up a car.
Rainer wanted to know if she eats Chuna fish. I'm telling you I laughed so hard I hurt.
Later on Carol was telling us about a lady she was caught in a flash flood with (she's a tramper), the lady had a daughter with her that was "really quite thuck"..I said "What?" and Ilka's son Chris was quick to tell me "Thick, Kathie, she said THICK"...It was a fun evening and Ilka did a great job with the curry, carrots and potato things (I have to ask her again what they are called) Once I get the pictures there will be more of the evening to share. For now, I hope you are enjoying each day here in NZ as much as I am.

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