Sunday, October 6, 2013

Arachnophobia (Oct 6)

Today was my solo driving  on the wrong side of the road. I managed to make it to the laundry mat (to dry my clothes because I don't like line drying jeans) Took Poppy with me and we walked while clothes dried.

Not sure whats with this country and it's dedication to large bugs. But tributes to strange critters that we normally step on, are all over the place.
For those of you who know me, you know that I suffer from Arachnophobia . I try to like those 8 legged things but I just can't get all warm and fuzzy over them. Here in an Auckland suburb called Avondale they are quite proud of the Arachnid. It came to the town from Australia in wood shipments and never strayed to far from Avondale. Remember the movie ARACHNOPHOBIA ? The Avondale spider was the star of the show. Australia protects them but NZ has no problem sharing the little creepers. Hollywood has it's sign, New York has it's skyline and NZ has this
Oh wait, it gets better. Ilka can not understand why I'm not all party hats and horns about seeing the latest hit movie at the Avondale Theater. Well lets talk about the reminder that sits atop the damn theater for one.
I mean are you kidding me?If someone brushed  my leg during the flick I'd be screaming like a girl as I ran out of the place, never looking back. Like that big reminder in town isn't enough? You have one crawling on the roof?   Looking for a good school for your kids? How about this one?
Just the sign I'd want to see on my first day of school if I were 5. How about you?
What the hell were they thinking? Surely there has to be something nicer in the town then an 8 legged creep like the Avondale spider.I'm sure they could find a roach or a rat lurking about.
Okay so the Avondale spider lives mostly in Avondale, so I'm told.
I open the car door and what is sitting on the door? You got it baby...the biggest gosh darned spider I ever saw in my life and smart. I picked up a shoe to belt it and as I held the shoe the thing took off like lightening.
I have no idea where it went but it made for a real interesting drive to the laundry I'll tell you. I have no idea what I would have done if that thing had poked it's head out, but I can see the car driving itself until it hit something, because I would have bailed in a NY minute. Ask my kids. Ask Stephanie. I pulled over in Paducah  KY and told her we weren't going anywhere until they found the spider that dropped from the roof of the car. I kid you not.
So here I am, halfway around the world and I find a freaking monument to the hairy thing. Oh, but I must tell you. they are very docile and do not bite. gee I felt so much better hearing that. NOT!!!
Another lesson in case your hopping the next plane over. Don't ask for ketchup, that's not what they use with fries or on burgers . Ask for Tomato Sauce with the accent on mato as in" you say tomato and I say toMATO." We have our fair share of take out places, excuse me, take-away places in the USA but never have I seen a place like this. If there are 10 stores on a block , 6 to 8 are take-away places. Mostly Indian or Asian. You're hard pressed to find Pizza places, although Pizza Hut has made it's mark..but if you like Asian , your in, BIG TIME.
Hope you enjoyed the tour of Avondale..Google it if you think I'm kidding...See you tomorrow

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