Thursday, October 31, 2013

Oct 28-Off on an adventure to Whangarei

Packed up a cooler, a suitcase and off we went. First stop Whangarei. It is a very long drive to the Northern part of NZ...The usual beautiful country side..

Whangarei is a sea side  town. We stopped along the way for coffee and I just had to take this pic. If you use the term "Parking lot" here they look at you very strange.
They are ALL car parks. We also found something rather funny. It's a car folks and yes, they drive it around.

The ears happened to have been up (they were down the last time we passed). Somethings just make you laugh when you see them....
While others, not so much. Yup! We got to talking about the Grande Canyon and forgot to check the speed. the GPS would have reminded us but she talks to much so we shut her off LOL So that was an $80 lesson learned.
We stopped at the clock museum in Whangarei, just for haha's and I got my picture taken with the guy who designed Big Ben
We opted NOT to visit the actual museum for the simple reason that both Rainer and I had the same thought "where are the screw drivers" LOL Clocks are good for one thing...GEARS!!! We did make the curator laugh . Now you'd think since it was a harbour  I would have taken some pictures of it huh? It was set up like a cute little Village on the water, with all kinds of shops...Who went looking at boats when you had things like this to look at

Then this colorful character who sit's outside all day and makes balloon animals for the kiddies. For $3
Yup Granny Balloon makes her living that way and adds a bit of color to the place while at it.
Next stop Piahia..Stay tuned

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