Saturday, October 19, 2013

WOW!! Oct 19-Kauri Forest

What an adventure....
We left Auckland (the small yellow dot) and worked our way up to the top of the large yellow dot. About 5 hours drive.
We first stopped here.
Hard not to think about Rich when I met this old bird.LOL
He is a beauty huh? Then we headed for the Kauri Museum.

Saw tons of things made from Kauri wood. It's a very dense wood with beautiful tight grain. Very, very expensive. I visited the gift shop where I was able to purchase a few interesting things. Including some amber from the Kauri tree's. The shop also had a beautiful display of my favorite PONGA wood..I am so intrigued by the unbelievable designs  naturally formed.
Visited a beautiful old church at the museum  as well as an old Post Office and a steam engine. Made another stop at a Sap Place (amber)  and found an interesting work shop.
Also got a spectacular view of the Tasman Sea....

That dark blue line is Sea, not sky. Then it was into the Kauri Forest.

That is me at the base of the 4 sisters. I group of rather large and tall Karui.
This shows the most popular tree's to visit.
It's like a game of "Wheres Waldo" LOL I am at the base of Tane Mahuta, a tree that dates back to the era of Jesus. If that tree could only talk huh? I can't even tell you how huge that monster is..but if you look real hard you will see my blue shirt and that should give you some idea.
ah! There I am...WE stopped at the next town , all 2 stores, both closed, looking for food. WE ended up at another beautiful spot we hadn't even planned on seeing today.
White Sand Dunes ...
That point sticking out in the distant right hand side of the picture is where we got food.
This is a great  pic of the stand we drove to get to our food (now to the left of the picture). AS you can see by the time we reached the bluff to take more pictures , the storm clouds were gathering. We were thankful for a sunny, cool day and it was time to head home.
What a delightful day. WE will be taking that ride once again in another week and a half or so. This time it will be twice the drive because we are headed for the lighthouse at the very tip of the North Island. That will NOT be a one day adventure. mean while we will continue to have fun locally, so stay tuned.

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