Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Oct 14- Laundry day

Hey, even on vacation things need to be washed. The weather has been so frightful that I can't hang out. There is no dryer here and I happen to like somethings dried fluffy in the dryer. So I took the car and off I went. Driving on the left is still a bit crazy for me but good old NZ makes sure you see the BIG blue sign with the arrow, reminding you to stay to the left. The road- abouts drive me nuts and I find myself going in circles at times LOL I do have a GPS Thanks to Rainer (not sure if he doesn't want me to get lost or he wants his car back LOL)it has a Kiwi accent..How funny is that. I drove to the Mall, sent a note off and did some shopping. Felt like a kid who was finally trusted to cross the street by myself.
Egg Foo Young for Dinner...very different from ours..No gravy at all but they give you enough to feed 5 people for $8:50 it's a bargain.
I got to see another Episode of Miranda OMG!! What a funny lady, but British humor for sure.
We decided that Dracula is buried in the cemetery here.
What do you think?
So the day went fast and I had a good time. Not sight seeing or swimming or boating or...... but just chilling is fun too.


  1. More fun! I remember how my word definition went up when I joined and Aussie group! Then when the group owner came to the USA to visit I had to learn to hear the words! It is different being in another country, I lived in Panama for over a year and it was an experience to be sure! Take care and have more fun!!

  2. I love your comments. The Nz people can't even understand the Aussies and I have trouble with both..Took me a while to realize "Bid" was actually bed and Pin was not my pin but Pen. Do you have a Pin I can write with..YIKES!!! Keep commenting..Love hearing from you...