Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Oct 22-Shell soup and round abouts

I really need to stop collecting shells. REALLY, with everything else I have to try and get home, shells should be the last thing on my mind. So I put all my stinky shells into a plastic pail. Rainer thought it was cute of me to put it under my bedroom window. I keep forgetting they don't use screens here.Duh!!
Doesn't that look yummy?
Think "low tide" and that is sort of like it smellsLOL Not sure they will ever be able to come home with me.
I stopped at the Post Office to see about boxes. Got two sizes..came home filled the large box and couldn't lift it so I had to rethink the idea LOL I used the smaller one because I wanted to make sure a few gifts at least made it to the USA, then I filled in with what ever would fit. Lets not talk about what it cost to mail 7.85 kg..I don't even know how much weight that is. Listen driving  is hard enough if you think I'm learning the metric system...think again. I bought myself a measure cup with both (oz and g), so I'm good to go.
I also made it to the laundry to dry my clothes. On the way I picked up a pie for lunch...oh yummy. I love NZ fast food. There are several round abouts between here and the laundry...Left turns are great, they are a given, since you are on that side of the road anyway. If you are going half way around (straight) you have the right of way, if someone is in the round about, they have the right away and if you get stuck...don't panic, just keep going around and around until you are either alone or dizzy.
Food shopping is always fun, since nothing is like it is in the States. Everything is foreign here ROTFL
We were going to have pizza, but decided on toasties instead. The lunch meat (which I know now I order 150 g) looked wonderful..that and some cheese and we had a feast. So NO, I didn't see much sights in NZ today, but I did get home TWICE in one piece and so did the car..So I'm happy :-) See you tomorrow...Maybe the sun will be out then.

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