Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Ring is done ! Oct 9

I have to keep dating these because I'm always a day behind. I'm working on an embroidery thing that tells a story of each day and I was wondering why my dates were confused LOL
So Rainer likes to make jewelry (among other things) he made a ring in Silver class and I really liked it. He told me when I came to NZ he would make me one...well I did, so he did . He is a perfectionist. He started the day I arrived and finished it today. It is a NZ 10 cent piece, which is their smallest coin (denomination). Smart country got rid of the half penny, penny and nickle. I loved the fact that it had a Tiki on it..One of NZ symbols, also the symbol for NZ AIR which is how I got here, so the ring is very symbolic.
It's about the size of our Nickle. He is now working on pendants for my DGK's (rather then me buying something silly) The coin is copper but he polishes it and then darkens it so the Tiki will show. Neat huh?

I also found this real interesting thing made for the Mamaku Fern. This was made a while ago because they are protected. Now I am looking for more things made of this wood.
Whats really cool about this wood (which you all know I love wood) is there is no stain used, at all. All the coloring you see is natural as is the design. Doesn't it looked carved ? people cut them down and use them as garden art just as they are. They grow to be about 20 Meters high, one of the tallest ferns in NZ.    I looked on line and all I found were these coasters, just to show you the beauty of this wood.
Didn't buy these, probably should have. needless to say anything made from this wood is now a rare find.
Meanwhile Ilka decided, because it was so gray and nasty of the last few days, to bring some sunshine out in her clothing choices. I had to take a picture of someone claiming to be in "Peacock mode". I think it's delicious.
okay so the picture isn't all that good and doesn't tell the story.Dress is dark purple, sweater is magenta and stockings are peacock blue...with high leather boots. She never ceases to make me smile. She reminds me so much of my Suzy...I truly miss that woman and all her craziness.
Got word from Peg today that she LOVED my bottles (swap hostess) so I'm thrilled about that.
Even days that aren't filled with adventure are somehow adventurous .
Tomorrow should start some real adventure, depending on the weather. So stay tuned.

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