Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Catching Up (Sept 7)

There are some days I just catch up on relaxing. This was one of them. Called Rich at home. It was good to hear his voice. He really needs to stop watching football. Every time he watches the Giants play, they lose. So far all you Giants fans that think your team is in a slump, nay nay, it's Richarditis.
I also want to tell J T I see you peeking at my BLOG and yes, as you could see I did relate it to "on a clear day you could see forever" It is sort of like all the Islands you can see here when it isn't raining.LOL Love the fact that you are watching my adventures..Wish I could spend some time in CA when I get to LAX.
Karen, you are such a loyal reader. Thanks for letting me know I make you smile. I am having trouble getting to the groups since being switched to NEO but you are all in my thoughts.
I got a chance to Facetime with my daughter for a little bit . The technology of today certainly brings people close in a flash. I love the fact that I see or hear from friends and family almost every day, one way or the other.
Ilka finally gave me some pictures she took. She wanted people to see me "having fun", well heck! The only time I'm not having fun is when I'm sleeping and then I'm dreaming of having fun LOL...
I told you I had my face painted. You know you are in a laid back country when you go to the store with a painted face and no one notices. Those that do tell you how pretty it is.
The Devil made me do it!! I mean when some one brings you a special cup cake with an edible butterfly on it what are you supposed to do?
Me and Ilka hamming it up as always. I swear she sleeps with that camera.
New friends Jannine (with camera) Marie (in pink) funny face me and Vivian. What a wonderful bunch of women I've met here.
Oh there is that "Tomaaaato sauce" I told you about <giggle> probably the most expensive sandwich I've ever had, but oh so yummy.
Okay Ilka? Happy? If people can't tell I am having a wonderful time they need glasses.
Stay tuned...I feel another chillaxing day in my future.


  1. Sure glad you are having so much fun! The adventure of a lifetime.
    That Avondale is something else. I guess they must all grow up liking spiders. We have black widows here.
    New Zealand sure is a gorgeous country!
    Keep having fun Kathie!
    hugs Karen

  2. And you keep checking in. Love seeing your comments. I hate spiders and don't even drive through Avondale LOL