Sunday, October 13, 2013

Oct 13-Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Or would it be Wiiiiiiiiiiii or maybe Qui ? The weather is still crappy. Typical of Winter turning into Spring.
But there is lots of wind. I'm not always fond of wind but it does have it's place. Like flying a kite or even better yet being a kite LOL Has anyone ever tried Kite Surfing? What a flipping rush!!!
Up, up and away!
You can see the day was not the brightest, but it was REAL windy. LOL It's not just for wind mills anymore.
The local Cemetery also holds interest for me.I Love old cemeteries and with Halloween right around the corner it seemed like a nice place to visit. The place is so massive we have to go back another day.
This is one of the oldest parts and held a lot of interest.This is the chapel
Another thing that was of interest was the tile work. This one is beginning to cave but considering it is from the early 1800's I'd say it held up well.

and look at this, also 1800's, ceramic everlasting flowers.

See the far, far away distant tree line?
That's still cemetery. Now you know why we will go back.
What an excited fun filled day. There is just to much to see and do here. Not sure about the South Island because right now they are in a blizzard...but we will be heading North if the stupid weather ever changes to Spring. Stay with me....

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