Thursday, October 31, 2013

Oct 27- Visiting Stores

I have been looking for green stone and other things that can't be found in my country. Seems silly to bring home stuff made in China. There is a "rent a booth" place here that only allows hand made items from NZ.
We also had to stop at a craft store for some bits and pieces needed to finish so REAL NZ made jewelry.

While these things captured my eye. They are things that I could make myself and probably will. Oh don't be going getting all crazy. I'm thinking for MYSELF not for YOU LOL Then there were things not so simple
No I didn't buy him, but I sure did want to. He is made of cardboard, but very intriguing to look at don't ya think?
Tomorrow it is off to Maori WH is pronounced like our PH= F so the town  is pronounced Fang-a-ray. Stay tuned.

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