Thursday, October 31, 2013

Oct 26- Piano and Table

Today was a work day. A fun work day. While Ilka continues to immerse herself in her studies,  I continue to work on projects and Rainer continues to play with his piano.
I forget the tool he had to buy but it is to cut through cast iron. The only way to remove that big metal back with the strings is in pieces.

I told you about the beat up old coffee table he got for $7 at the op-shop. I asked if I could play with it (since he had no clue why he brought it home LOL) I had some shabby chic in mind. So I cleaned the entire table with something called sugar well at taking old wax and grime off. I had to find their version of Old English. One thing the company that Rainer works for does, is make store displays and they use crackle finish. So he just happened to have the best damn crackle stuff I ever worked with. They should bottle this stuff.
This is the table top. It looked like those scratched and pitted sides, but as you can see the top came up rather nice. I was going to crackle the sides of the top. That didn't work out so the top is all shiny now with a thick finish of floor wax. No pictures of the finished product yet because it is still in progress but the results is amazing. So stay tuned...

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