Monday, September 16, 2013

Quiet Day in NZ

The weather has turned cold and damp. Gray days aren't nice to be out walking around. Spring will soon be here and days will get warmer but today was a chillaxing day.

Did a little shopping at op-shops. They are so much fun. Found a few things to use for my shrine LOL
Stopped at this really cool place called Just Plane Interesting and let me tell you, it is.
The guy has a lot of Hollywood props that can be recognized, like the original CHUCKY . My camera was giving me a hard time so all I got was out door picture, but we will be going back.

Hmm wonder how I could get those Bratwurst on the plane? I picture them in my garden LOL
Got some time to play with the animals today. You'll see them on and off I'm sure because they are just so delightful.
The two bunnies are house broken, not that they run free but they are allowed out to play during the day.
I had cooked up some carrots so Alfie was very interested in the parts I cut away..silly Rabbit.

He is a mini lope eared. What a little lover he is.
That's about it for pictures today, but I still have 9 weeks and some days to go. Every day can't be full on. I'd need a vacation from the vacation LOL having a wonderful time and that's all that's important to me.

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