Sunday, September 15, 2013

A Day at the Beach

Never let it be said that rain can dampen our spirits. decided to tell the rain to bugger off and off to the beach we went. But first we stopped to get meat pies. meat pies are one of the most common "fast food" in NZ. Picture a small pot pie (like those frozen , single serving jobs we get in the super market). Now picture it made fresh with a pie crust  bottom and flaky top crust, filled with all sorts of wonderful things in a tight gravy that doesn't run all over the place. I Had minced meat and cheese OMG!! I love these things.
Evidently so do the local birds:
They are very friendly and not at all shy about asking for "More please?"...However, the public toilets in at the beaches leave something to be desired.
Made you laugh , didn't I? The beach front is loaded with these little caves..Just wanted to show them to you. After the picture was taken, I realized it had a somewhat peculiar look. Couldn't pass it up.
For those of you who know Rainer from the group. Thought I'd give him equal picture time LOL
So this be him...Us.
He is fun. For my family, think John Tarca. For the rest of you, just think quick wit.
From those who love Natures art, this one is for you.
I'm going to frame this one. Isn't it beautiful? Of course I took many more pictures but now it is off to the city.
Remind you of a city you know? Even has those guys who wait at the traffic light to throw soapy water on your windshield  ( the guy in the yellow vest).
Stef you can live here:
You will also find KFC, Burger King, Mickey Dee's and Pizza Hut all the fabulous  food America has to offer. We are headed for this point of interest that tells you  "This  is Auckland". Seems like you can see it from no matter where you are.
There is an observation deck that we couldn't go to because  parking was impossible and right now walking a great distance is out of the question.There is also a revolving resturant that seems interesting...but it has something very cool to offer...well actually two very cool things but I'm only interested in one.
See that big wheel looking thing? That is actually a "glass platform" that you walk out onto (They strap you to a safety line first) I've obviously over come my 9-11 fear of flying. Thought I might try overcoming my fear of heights. The second feature, if you look at the 11 o'clock position, you may be able to see a very teeny tiny dot (I can see it in the big picture) that would be a person in a "controlled" jump. I will NOT be trying that.
Sooner or later I will be taking pictures from the top of that thing, but not today.
I threw some meaty shin bones, carrots, potatoes, Marsala wine, mushrooms, onions and all sorts of assorted goodies in a slow cooker before we left home. The aroma that greeted us was  FABULOUS!!
While looking at my pictures, I am left with one thought. How come I always look like a wet rat on a rainy day and Ilka always looks like this
what I wouldn't give to have that head of hair. Hell, I'd settle for  half that head of hair.
No clue as to what tomorrow will bring but I am so happy to be reading that you are enjoying my adventure.
I am sorry I can not answer all the e-mails, but I am enjoying notes from home.
Miss you all!! But lovin' my time here. The people of NZ are warm and friendly and it is indeed a beautiful country.

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  1. Whadaya mean 'think John Tarca'?!
    I resemble that remark.