Friday, September 13, 2013

Sun at last

Yes NZ does have sun, rather warm one at that. We got some laundry done and hung out (haven't done that in a long time) Nice to see the clothes enjoying the warm breeze.
Cleaned up the rooms a bit. I told you we've been relaxing LOL Then off to the Op shops we went. When you have like minds , nothing is junque. Of course each person thinks their finds are the best but all in all it was a fun and happy time. Don't worry  back home, I left  the store in tact . Actually I was interested in NZ cook books. They really do eat very different from us. Strange but true. WE have pizza places on every corner, they have pie shops and Asian noodles on every corner.

I am very impressed with their money. Not just because they have made it almost impossible to copy, but because they took the blind people into consideration . I think that is something our country should consider.
See the plastic transparent dots on the bills? Notice the different shapes? Although you can't see it on the coins, the rims of each coin is different so a blind person can feel the difference between 10 cents and 20 cents (no pennies here in NZ) there are dollar and two dollar coins, no dollar bills. Did you all know that? Well if you did, you are one step higher then me on the "smart" meter.
We picked up some Artisan bread and were looking forward to roasted Garlic smeared on top. hey it's okay if EVERYONE eats the garlic, then you all smell the same. I fixed it and popped it into the oven. Since I burned the rolls at 150 degrees C, I put it at 100. An hour later the Garlic was still hard. Well DUH!! finally got a chart and realized I was  trying to roast them at about 200 degrees F. Hey I'm learning.
Made Jambalaya for dinner and it was a big hit whew!Soul food isn't for everyone and I had to make sure they knew that the entire country doesn't eat the same kind of food.
So it was another day of learning for me. Actually it is very early in the morning on Saturday, some flea market i son the agenda , but that's at 6 am. We can't have anyone else buying OUR stuff. After breakfast Ilka and I will head out for a fun play day and tonight's dinner is Pumpkin soup , salad and more garlic bread.
I've met some wonderful people in the stores. Of course being from America, I'm the local attraction.
I love listening to them and seeing our country through the eyes of another.
Off I go , wish you all a great afternoon...because that's what it is :-) where you are.
What the heck am I doing up at 5 am?

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  1. I thought of your California trip the other day when you first mentioned the rain. I can remember us singing, "On a Clear Day........."

    Enjoying your blog. Have a great time.