Friday, September 6, 2013

The Countdown Begins

It is 3 days and 2 hours until I will hop in the car and proceed on a two hour drive to Newark Liberty International Airport.
Am I excited? There are no words. Am I packed? Are there warm beaches at the North pole? I mean, come on, most of you know me. If I pack too far ahead I will forget what I packed, have to empty my suitcase and repack 40 times before I leave. Keep a list you say? REALLY? I tried that, lost the list and had to unpack anyway. My way works for me. So for those of you who pack a month in advance woohoo give yourself a Gold Star and call you ORGANIZED.
So  my guest room looks like my closet exploded. I've been told by TSA not to bother wrapping the gifts I want to bring friends in NZ, not unless I want TSA agents to have the joy of unwrapping those gifts. So I am also packing wrappings UGH!! Oh excuse me folks, before I say hello, let me run into my room, wrap your gifts and then say "HI". Sheesh why can't they just ex ray the stupid things..Oh wait those bullet casings may look suspicious and the disc cutters will look like a bomb for sure (don't ask) I'll let the gifts go naked.
Try and remember, I'm visiting fellow crafters so the gifts may seem a bit odd to anyone who doesn't share  the "Passion" for junk art. LOL

So today I will begin to pack. I also have to look for a gift I've misplaced  (Damn black hole). Find my camera,it was here yesterday. See about getting a new battery since this one doesn't seem to hold a charge anymore. Remember to find my adapters since NZ has 220 electric to our 110.'s going to be a long 3 days. You may want to check back in 4 days and save yourself an anxiety attack LOL Especially if you're organized. I have a few organized friends (I try and keep them to a minimum) that are now all on daily doses of Zanex, so yes I do have an affect on people..So either skip to day 4 or be prepared to tap the wine before these 3 days are over. We will party together..I probably won't be able to sleep by Sunday.
Catch y'all later...Oh and thanks for all the interest in my travels.

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