Sunday, September 8, 2013

Less Than 24 hours

Can you feel it??? I am sure I am radiating enough energy to light up Manhattan.
My Boohoo moment is that I have not found my second pair of glasses nor have I found one of the gifts I've had waiting for 8 months. There really is a black hole. NO really! I mean the glasses were in a case on my computer desk. Where did they go? Into the black hole, that's where . One day that  thing is going to vomit the last ten years worth of crap it stole and I will be rich. I'm sure it has also taken money and jewels.
With the exception of two things that will NOT be with me on my trip, I think I have everything else.
Half my closet (I pack very light) sneakers, sandals, slippers, water shoes. Night clothes, relaxing clothes..things to keep me busy should I have a down moment to spare.
Goodies for my friends. I just weighed my one suitcase and it came up short of 50 pounds by 6 pounds so I have room for more. I didn't weight the other one because it is much smaller. I also packed my carry-on with some undies,and an outfit in the event they lose my luggage  at least I have something until I can purchase new. Got my medications in a special bag because they will want to check it all anyway , makes life easier.The needles would have freaked them out LOL
Oh and  in my purse I have my phone, my ipad, some magazines and Norma and Patricia m(my stow-aways) They are flat because they came via an envelope, but they will probably show up in some pictures..Keep a look out.
Thanks Dana and Peg for using the comment section. For those of you writing e-mail regarding this Blog, I may not see it for a few days. Why not leave your comments here.Or just tag along..I know you're there.
I will miss my family, I will miss my friends and my on-line groups. You have all been so supportive and at times been the only light in the darkness. Thank you all and I am so happy that technology has given me the opportunity to share this experience. Have no fear, I will share.
So off I go..I just realized I need to pack a bathing suit. Not my most flattering article of clothing, but one that will be necessary if I want to swim with Dolphins. Wonder what I wear for Zip line..Oh and then there is this HUGE ball and you get inside it and they push you down a hill..Hmmm I'm thinking pampers.
Stay tuned...


  1. Thanks Edna, I;'ll miss my groups, but I will try real hard to have a good time LOL

  2. FWIW, your trip has given FAngie her comeuppance. If she weren't so ornery (or perhaps hung over), she wouldn't have hidden from me. And if she hadn't hidden from me she could have made the trip of a lifetime along with you. :)