Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Day Playing with art Projects

Some days have to be quiet and this was one of those days. I did have some visitors...

A couple of wild ducks who come each day looking for a hand-out and the neighbors chickens, too stupid to fly back over the fence.
This thing was originally gotten for me to use as a shrine and a beauty it would have been. Unfortunately I am going to have a rough enough time getting stuff home. So I came up with another idea...Can't tell you what just yet but this is the early stages.
 Then we have my charm swaps. What? You thought I'd stop just because I was half a world away? get real. When I saw "Childhood Memories" Christmas chop I knew exactly what I had to make. The minute I read that a memory I had thought of in a long time popped into my head.
My wish every Christmas was for a "white one". Since I lived on an Island, we rarely had snow for Christmas..cold yes, snow no. When I was about  little i asked for a White Christmas as always, only this time it happened. WOW!! when I saw the snow I went screaming down the steps that I had gotten my wish. Out on the front lawn was a perfect snowman, red scarf, mittens and all. (Turns out my Dad had spent half the night making it and dressing it) in it's "hands" was a sign that said "Santa Loves Kathie and so do I"...I was thrilled, but turned and said to my Dad...Santa forgot Frostys hat. For quite some time I was known as the brat who even though I got a white Christmas, still wanted more LOL I looked everywhere here for snow white , glass beads..they just aren't available. Just when I had given up hope, I found a necklace with enough glass beads to make 10 snowmen. Turns out I needed 16 so I had to use graduated size ones. But I have my childhood memory and I hope every one loves  them as much as I do.

My painted faces are sealed with clear nail polish so they won't rub off.
I have also worked a bit on my shrine..Only the figure is glued in thus far but I did add a border of Paua shells because they are only found here in NZ.

Tomorrow Ilka and I go to a Cultural festival over at the Art Center .

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