Sunday, November 17, 2013

Nov 16- Finished my shrine

Finally!! One of the challenges in my Mixed media group is a shrine. I told people, as I always do, think GIFT. Since we keep our challenge projects, why not make something for someone else? I had several people in mind but then decided it needed to be for me this time around. I've collected so many things along the way. So little by little it has come together.
I put paua shell around the edges because that is so NZ. That is a small one to the statue's right.You can find many bits and pieces on just about any beach, all polished by the sand and surf. It's like walking on a rainbow. Each shell is from a different beach and has a story. She is sitting on black sand which is found on the west coast of this country. It sparkles in the sun like black diamonds.Also included is a pice of broken pottery found at Paihia and beach glass found at Coromandel.
This piece of wood was found at the Cape (You've seen the lighthouse and the Maori jumping off place)
I call it my "spirit wood". Can you see the face? Let your imagination go.Look at the very top of the piece, right above that dark colored circle (which to me is a child being embraced) I see a rather serene face, eyes downward, small nose, lips, high cheekbones..heck I even see hands embracing the baby/child.
Some see it, some see an all together different face...That green pine comes from the Kauri forest. IT reminded me of Princess pine but it is very different and grows more like a weeping willow.
There is a piece of pumice, also from an island in the Coromandel...pumice is lava foam that was quickly cooled..I have a larger piece which I intend to use as a heat resistant platform.
So thats done and when I finish my Christmas project you'll see that too so stay tuned.

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