Monday, November 18, 2013

Nov 18-Another Wild Adventure

It was another WOW!! Moment for me on the final leg of what has been a true gift of love and adventure.
The Sky Tower was the first thing I noticed when I got here. You can see it in many pictures. NO matter where we went, at some point in time I saw the Sky Tower which is visible from all over Auckland. The structure is 328 meters high and is the tallest building in NZ. You can see up to 80 kilometers in any direction.(That would be 1076 feet straight up and you can see for 50 miles)

Some of the fabulous views of Auckland and beyond.
We were even lucky enough to catch a jumper.
If you look in the lower left hand corner of the pic you will see a man in a blue shirt on a bungee cord..Who does something like that?
Picture Translation: Holy Crap!! Look at these prices. WE ate in a restaurant that turned slowly, giving us a spectacular view. I had Fish tartare for an entree  and Harbor Salmon on potato and prawns as my meal .
The food was outstanding and came with wine but we had sparkling juice instead.
Of course I took a million pictures. There was also a Casino. I played the 1 cent machine and lost Boohoo
Entrance to the casino
and the place was all dressed for Christmas.
The bottom picture is just the top of the tree peeking up at the 4th floor.
Meanwhile poor Ilka continues to be sick. She finally went to the doctor and was told she had a viral infection. I told her if she sends me home sick she can expect some nasty calls from my family. I have done my best to avoid her but she was bound and determined that we would make those cuff bracelets before I left. So after the Sky Tower and a brief nap, that's what we did.
She kept repeating "At least I have two A+'s to celebrate LOL Some final marks started coming in and it was rewarding to see that all the heavy duty studying she did paid off.

Slowly, ever so slowly, her bracelet began to take shape. meanwhile mine got done. Now who's the over achiever LOL
She was happy to at least see mine get done. Mean while my request for dinner was Rainers Herring Salad.
We had to laugh when it was realized it was the third fish meal of the day. hey, what can I say? I LOVE fish. He showed me how to make it but I doubt anyone in my family will eat it. I guess I'll just have t come back here.
The day was kept light at heart but the night brought tears.It is the last night I will sleep in this house. The last night we will watch "How Not To Live Your Life". This has been HOME for 3 months. 3 wonderful months in Paradise has come to an end.
I've missed home and it will be good to see the good old USA again...especially my "Hill", but I will miss this place . I love it .. I will be back......

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