Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Oct 31- Friends we met along the way

Today is a day of rest. Not only were the past 3 days full on, there was a lot of driving involved.
I will work on the table and see if I can't finish that up...
Meet Ollie. He belonged to Heather, the owner of the motel. Ollie was a well mannered little guy  and reminded me very much of a little guy I once knew named Buffy. Please note, Ollie came to say G'day but never entered the room.
This would be Charlie another well mannered fellow who was camping on the grounds.
We stopped on the side of the road at a coffee trailer and met this little guy.
His name is Kevin. This little pup had no leash on a very busy road, but he listened very well. His owner was Maori and was telling us about his pet pig. He said he can't bring it near his relatives or they will take it and eat it. Maori are funny people that way.

No names on these guys but you know me, I feed everything LOL What a wonderful time I've had.
Happy Halloween (I'm catching up slowly) Tomorrow...Green stone!! A natural treasure.

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