Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Nov-11 Wrong Day

Okay so she isn't perfect...Shhh don't tell  that LOL We showed up at the Multi-Cultural event a day early.
Actually it all worked out because I got to go behind the scenes.

It was so much fun not to have to deal with crowds. WE were able to  clown around.
Me wearing a ceremonial head piece. I also got to meet a wonderful woman named Mary. She started this cultural event 18 years ago so that children would know their heritage.
That would be Mary. She is making an arrangement with Flax roses and palm leaves that have been woven. I am holding a lily made from a woven palm leaf.
Those of you who know me well, know I am fast to volunteer and not very shy. I saw some Maori women working on roses for Mary. I asked what they were doing and they showed me...Stripping the flax to get ready for weaving. I asked if they would show me how, they did and here I am using a tool that is basically a piece of wood with some nails (about 6). You poke the nails into the flax and pull. It ain't easy but it was fun to learn.
 ya know those hard plastic bands that hold boxes  together.I've only seen them in yellow but they have them in many colors and weave them into tote bags. It's all about keeping plastic out of our environment and giving it a purpose.

Some Maori, Fiji and Samoan crafts..Most were made for recycled things.
It was an interesting day for sure. We will return there tomorrow when  it really starts LOL

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