Thursday, November 7, 2013

NOV 6- Another Peaceful Day

A quiet stormy day. I gather up some stuff that needs to come home with me. I am in so much trouble...Too much stuff and no room. Not sure what I will do. Unfortunately it is not stuff  that can be left behind. Some stuff I can and I know it will be put to good use, but most is stuff for family and friends that I have picked up, so it has to come home :-(
I worked on my shrine. A challenge in the Mixed Media group. We keep challenges for ourselves so , as I said, I'm making mine all about my time in NZ.
This is the back. A map of the North Island with a lot of the places I've been too clearly visible.
Of course it isn't even close to being completed..It is filled with symbolism. Each thing in it has a story and comes from someplace I have been.Driftwood, shells, kauri gum, green stone, paua's all in there and it will continue to develop in the coming days. Getting it home will be another story, but I will manage. I always do somehow. Another short BLOG day...but that's the way it is. Every day can't be filled with excitement now , can it?

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