Sunday, November 10, 2013

NOV 9- LIght Show

I realized I had to start gathering stuff and deciding what I had to leave behind. I've just acquired too much stuff. Those of you who know me are not surprised , I'm sure.
I also want to work more on my shrine. I'm really starting to love it. I remembered also that I have  ATC's due to my SOMMA group. I didn't forget  ladies LOL I will do them here and mail them from home.
It has been impossible for me to sign on to my groups, with this new NEO. I miss them. Yes even on Holiday, I miss the stimulation I feel when I see the work of others.
Tonight Ilka, MInta and I went to ART in the DARK. WOW!! It was in Auckland . Auckland itself is like Manhattan...JUST like Manhattan lots of traffic, lots of people. The park was like a sink hole. After we found parking and walked to the park it was 150 steps down into this massive hole. Ilka said thats why "it's a park, you can't build anything else"  to my knee's.
Everything was on a steep slope, my knees and ankles hungered for flat ground just to take the pressure off.
I did enjoy it, in spite of the pain I was in. Who ever put this effort together was genius.
 There were a lot of trees  with lights. Some would not photgraph well, but this one did.
This was cool
it was done on a projection screen. The train was moving forward while the fiddler (who was real and standing behind the screen) stayed still and played. It was beautiful.
This was all done with fabric. Mushrooms were created and little fairies hung from tree's. I couldn't get close enough so the fairies just looked like blobs. It was a pretty display around a tree.

this tree was kept dark. The only thing lite was the forms of people. It was steep but I was able to get close enough to see it was all illusion. It was simple metal forms covered with gauze and twinkle lights were inside..yet from a distance, you saw people hanging up side down, a man buried to his shoulders at the base of the tree, or one causally hanging over a  branch. I LOVED it!!
A greenhouse where even the plants lit up.
Lost in a cascade of lights.
WE saw a lot of this...smokey illusion. There was even a horse galloping through the woods but the pic wouldn't take. The horse consisted of lights that made it appear to gallop, while someone pulled it on a bike .This was set up just for people like me LOL

Pretty cool huh? I took a video that I will try and up load of a laser show in a tree...But thats  the travels for today. We finished the evening in a coffee house.

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