Sunday, November 17, 2013

NOV-15 Mary would be proud

I am coming down to the wire now. Not many days left to enjoy the beauty of this country. Unfortunately the weather has not been cooperating either. But it has given me the opportunity to sort through all my treasures and decide what stays and what comes home with me. I also had some charms to work on as well as some other projects so all is not lost.
I'm working on a Christmas project to leave here and the first attempt did not work well. So back to the drawing board and more spray paint. Each time I went out yesterday I stopped and made a flower. Rainer had cut some flax for me to play with....I even taught him how to make the flowers which he felt quite intriguing.
How's that for a bucket full of roses? Rainer has a tendency to be a bit anal when it comes to precision, so he put sharp creases in his flowers LOL I still have lots of flax and I'm determined not to see it wasted.
Although the weather isn't great it is warm so it was time to fire up the grill.
What a nice Barbecue . It's the first time we've cooked on the grill since I got here. Had I known we had such a nice grill it would have been used more often.
Sorry no tour today but there is talk stay tuned.

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