Sunday, November 10, 2013

NOV 8- A Day with new friends

What a fun day. I met Vivienne and Marie over at the Mall. Marie got tied up and couldn't make it until 3 PM and Viv couldn't stay past 2:30 LOL So Viv and I had lunch and talked and talked until my phone  indicated that I had a message, it was Marie asking where the heck I was. Viv realized she was late and took off, so Marie and I ended up in a coffee place have carrot cake and Mocha Latte LOL
It was a very fun day. I could listen to Kiwi's talk all day,although say the same about me..They love my accent. I keep telling them I don't have one, they do.The funny thing is one of them had a boyfriend once from the States who took her home to meet the family. He was from Alabama and she said "I couldn't understand a damn word of what those people said". I've heard it before from other Kiwi's. they are not fond of Southern accents. Yet I think they are wonderful. I love Southern Drawl .
Of course the main question from both of them was "when will you be back?"..Nothing like a reminder that my stay here is coming to an end. Bitter sweet...I will feel very, very sad leaving my friends. It has been a wonderful stay and there is still so much left to see, but I miss home.
I took some pictures but they were horrible and too dark, so this is me with Vivienne to the right and Marie under my chin. I hope to see Jannine (on the left) before I leave.
Sorry , no scenic tour today. Just a happy day with friends.

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