Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Nov 3- Paua to the People

A special day for me, but I'm feeling a bit sad so I decided to continue my research into the treasures of NZ. That is , after all, what this BLOG is about. My trip to New Zealand. A trip that is rapidly coming to an end. I hope you've enjoyed it as much as I have.
Regarded by New Zealanders past and present as a taonga or treasure. Maori legend has it that paua was a special gift from Tangaroa, the God of The Sea. It is unique to New Zealand, that lives on the rocky shoreline all around the coast, but grows best in the waters of southern NZ. This marine mollusk eats seaweed and lives clinging to rocks at depths of 1-10 meters, normally along the shoreline. Paua Shell is the most colorful of all the abalone shells. Most other abalone are pale in comparison. 
I was lucky enough to find many small pieces of this shell that I will be using in my shrine. I think I mentioned that I decided, rather then a gift for someone else, it is a gift to me. It is  filled with reminders of this glorious and unforgettable trip. I will also be using smaller pieces in up coming swaps. With each new find my mind was racing as to what I could do with it. I was even lucky enough to find a full shell, something rare on Northern Beaches.
The back side is rough and typical of any  Paua shell...easy to over look on a beach. But then there is the inside....
Naturally polished by the sea and much brighter in person. I can't wait to see it after I polish it.
I don't expect to find many of these. It would only be thanks to the currents coming from the South Island, but I was thrilled to find this one.
The weather has been super  crappy. Lots of storms and chilly. We are hoping that tomorrow will be a nice day. Rainer knew I have been dying to get out on the water and managed to find a guy who rents small row boats over in the Coromandels. needless to say I am praying for sunny weather and so very excited.
Happy Anniversary Sweetheart.....

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