Wednesday, November 6, 2013

NOV 4- Oh Happy Day!!!

Packed a picnic lunch, towels, sun screen and off we go to the Coromandels. Probably one of the most scenic area's in these parts. It is a 3 hour drive from Auckland.
Cathedral Cove is probably the most visited part of the Coromandel as well as the geothermic heated water. Because magma takes so long to cool down, when water comes in contact with this hot rock within the earth, the water on the surface is heated (It's not as boiling as normally would be , because it is mixing with the cold surface water. Thus if you dig a hole and allow it to fill, you have a nice warm bath.
This picture says it all. I was as happy as a pig in slop. There were Islands everywhere. So much to explore and do.

Everywhere I looked I saw beauty, peace and calm. We actually saw a bunch of cows on an island where we also saw a beach so we headed there. We wondered how the cows got there and found out later that a farmer dropped a bunch of calf's that grew bred and populated the Island. We should have taken pictures before going ashore, because once we did, they were gone in a flash.
We enjoyed our picnic lunch and then I went looking for Kauri gum and shells.
See anything odd about this picture? Perhaps that the boat is no  longer in the water? I'm yelling from a distance that the "Tide is going out" but Rainer was lost in his by the time we both got to the boat it was sufficiently glued to the sand. At least it seemed that way. It's not like we didn't think about the tide, we had the anchor up on shore so the boat wouldn't drift away...which would have been perfect had the tide been coming in. I had a bathing suit on, but once I realized how cold the water was (not eveyr shore line has "Hot Springs") I decided against it. Seems the island had a different plan. By the time we twisted and turned, tug and pulled and even moved rocks out of the way, we were up to our shoulders in ice water anyway. I told Rainer "This water isn't so cold after all".He answered "Yes it is, you're just numb from the cold" LOL So I took a little swim in quite possibly the coldest water I have ever set foot, as well as body, into. Once again not paying much attention to the tide. Once again the boat was beached on rocks, rocks that had my feet feeling like I was walking on hot coals..or glass. So Rainer was nice enough to carry the stuff down so I could put it in the boat...The little sneak took an opportunity to  click this flattering picture.
Please note that the boat is not exactly floating. It took another 20 min. to maneuver it out far enough that I could start it. Once I got it going I ask Rainer, who had never  driven a boat before, if he wanted to take over. I tied myself to the bow to prevent from being bounced overboard. Then I got to take this flattering picture of him LOL
What you see in the picture above are markers above the Oyster farms. There were many in this bay.
We've all seen that picture of the two , white beach chairs on the ocean beach. This is my version. I love this picture. Not sure why, But I do. Please note the sandy shells, but I did find a beautiful piece of pumice stone.
Pumice is plentiful here but it isn't easy to find a sizable one. If that big rock weighs an oz. it weighs a lot.
The day was sunny and cool, a perfect day on the water. Of course there was  always the thought, when ever I spend a day on the water, of my dad. WE spent so many happy hours on the bay, fishing , Water skiing and just having a lot of fun. My Dad would have liked this place. He loved these waters and had always hoped to return. Today he did.....
Is there any place on earth more beautiful then this?

If so, I want to go there. I took many, many pictures of this place, but they are for my memories. I don't want to bore you . So for today I hope you enjoyed your journey to the Coromandel Peninsula 

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