Thursday, November 7, 2013

Nov 7-Power Gone

I decided today would be a good day to make those ribs, Rich has gotten famous for. Had some little tinkering I wanted to do while the ribs were slow cooking.
The oven here is a PITA, with temps varying to extremes, so every thing had to be watched and took up a lot of my day I had hoped to be playing.
I also got to talk to Vivianne and Marie, two lovely ladies I met when I first got here. They have missed me and want to see me before I leave so tomorrow will be a fun day away with new people.
No sooner had the ribs finished cooking and all the lights went out. Thank goodness it was still light enough out that we weren't eating in the dark.
At home I have gas lights , just in case. here we had candles, so once it got REALLY dark I decided bed time was the best choice.
Found out that the power station had a blow up and most of the area was without power until the early morning hours.
So today is really a short BLOG day and NO pictures. Sorry...see you tomorrow . I'll probably have pictures then :-)

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