Friday, November 15, 2013

NOV 14- Visit Mission Bay with me

For my friends in Southern California I have to tell you. I thought your Mission Bay was pretty. It pales in comparison to NZ Mission Bay.
Of course if I was retired and all I wanted to do was sit and watch the beautiful world go by, it would be where I would want to be..I don't think there homes are designed for artsy people...seems to be more beachy people. We already saw people sun bathing and it isn't exactly warm here yet. IN fact I've had a sweat shirt on for 2 days.
This is Mission Bay known for Rangitoto (sound it out and thats how you say it) Island which is a sleeping volcano.
The streets are lined with Pohutukawa tree's also known here as the Christmas tree, with it's fuzzy red flowers tipped with yellow. Giving it the appearance of being sprinkled with gold glitter.
Mission Bay is a city so most of the housing is condo. But beautiful!!!

Lots of wonderful places to eat. We found one  award winning place and I had Calamari  like I've never had it before..Delicious!!!
Tomorrow will be  more packing. Needless to say I have a lot of souvenirs . Still looking for that Tee-shirt that says" My MOm went to NZ and all I got was this crappy Tee Shirt"..Guess they will have to settle for other stuff. Just a few more days  left in paradise and I will be on my way home and back to snow and cold..Thank goodness for that woodburner :-)

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