Thursday, November 7, 2013

Nov-5- A restful day

Things got a bit damp and ocean smelling, plus sandy so I decided to do some wash. Of course the Sun was out when I started but decided to take a hike by the time I was ready to hang stuff out.
Off to the laundry I went. I must say 20 min . and everything dries..I seem to recall dryers back home taking forever. I visited the op-shop right next door because I need some graduating beads of the same kind for my "Christmas memories" swap..How cool that I found the perfect necklace. I often wonder when I cut these things apart if I am destroying some vintage piece worth hundreds LOL Wouldn't that be my luck.
When I returned I found Rainer bent over his work bench (probably the position I will remember him in for all time)
He was finishing up a surprise piece for me. The old 20 cent piece had my beloved Kiwi on it . I have a strong affection for this adorable flightless bird. This is what he came up with..
Isn't it bee U tee full? That's the old 20 cent piece on top and the new 20 cent piece on bottom which not only symbolizes NZ the country but also is the symbol used by Air NZ, the plane that brought me here and will soon be taking me home. Of course he added a bit of BLING, because I love it!!!
Two more days and Ilka will be among the living again. This last semester really beat the pooh out of her.
That's all for today folks... Happily resting in New Zealand.

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