Sunday, November 17, 2013

NOV 17- Never a dull moment

Seems that no matter where I go, wild things follow. Look what I woke up to this morning.

Seems those wild ducks I've been feeding have a family. Are they cute or what? They ate my breakfast LOL
Ilka has a terrible cold so she has to keep her distance LOL NO bracelets yet. But Rainer made me a very special pendent.
Last year he showed me (via Skype) and unusual spoon he found. It had all kinds of markings...When I saw it I thought "Oh what a gorgeous pendent that would make". Filled with all sorts of symbolism, this is what he presented me with.
He had seen a little clay figure on line, asked me if I could make it. I figured if he could make that spoon for me...why not. I'm not sure I will paint this...but this is the clay figure.
I made Ilka a tree of life pendent and I will take pictures when we make the bracelets.
I packed my smaller suitcase...and it is bulging with about 1/10 of what I need to bring home.

So  we had to bring out a big gun.
See the difference in size? That small purple one will go into the larger purple one with stuff packed around it.
I think between the BIG GUN and my carry on..I should be able to get the important stuff home. I'll have to come back for the rest. I think I just heard my family faint. Even getting home is proving to be an adventure LOL Stay tuned.

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