Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Nov 12- Another fun day at Corban Estates

Today proved to be very interesting. WE went back to the Cultural event but were a bit disappointed that the only work shops they had were for kids. I  truly wanted to learn how to make those roses.
The young kids (groups from schools in the area) put on Cultural dances which were fascinating .

Note Mary's beautiful arrangement as the backdrop.
AS I walked around talking to the people from different Pacific Islands , I met this fascinating gentleman.
I asked him what he was doing and he held up that wooden tube and told me to stick my finger in. Then he told me to hit the small pick and when I did the string came up in a flash and squeezed my finger.
What he explained was that it was a Rat trap. Bait would go on that pick I pushed and the minute a rat grabbed it, the rat would be caught and strangled. There was a bounty on rats since they ate the farmers crops, so they would be paid for each rat they caught. It was  very interesting and let me tell you, It works very well.
Then I saw Mary over against the wall making roses. She remembered me from the day before and went on to tell me I would have to sign up for a workshop (in a school) to learn roses. I made a sad face and she went on to say "Not everyone can "feel the plant" and be "a weaver". I asked if I could watch her, which I did and low and behold she finally took pity and taught me.

she was  a good, but very strict teacher
every time I made a mistake (4 times) she took it out and repeated," right is the weaver and left is the driver...STOP driving with your right hand".
Eventually I got the hang of it and doubt I will ever got get the experience, or Mary for that matter. I made 2 flowers and when I was done she wrapped them with flax and presented them to me as a gift..Those are   the ones I made...Cool huh?
What a wonderful experience. I can't begin to tell you how pleased I am to have experienced so much during my visit here. Tomorrow I go to see the Emperor Penguins, so stay tuned....

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